Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dilly show book Dilly mayke, then go bed. Dilly hav cowd. Not be wew.


Dilly not be wew.
Dilly hav cowd.
Hav cowd in doze.
Be stufft up.
Feew dizzy.
Not be wew t'all.
Haff go bed minit.

heer be fotoze book Dilly mayke larst week for Julie.
Mummy tayke fotoze for Dilly.
Book be sent Julie.

Dilly orto-biogriffy, part 1

(If want see paiges bigger, clik on fotoze!)
Ferst say, be deddykaytid Julie, an ISBN number be 2.

Then say Dilly be born Lundon Zoo.
Show uther anmols.
(Dilly do drorins. Dilly be good artist.)
-Then talk bowt adopshun senter.
Heer be close up pikcher uther croco-wagons wiv Dilly.
Then tolk bowt Bob an goin on playne.....
Dilly eevn abol dror playne!!!

Heer be larst paige.

Dilly hope postman tayke book Julie an Julie like.
Dilly haff go bed now.
Jus want pop in, say hewo, show book.
Dilly not be wew.
Hav cowd.



Shaketownman said...

Wonderful book, Dilly.
Great work!

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Datz uh vewwee niz book Dilly!
Mee kummin tu dee u doon, me gotz mee pazpowt an mawmaw iz puttin mee on duh pwayn veweee doon!

Jackie said...

Sorry can't speak Dillish but dear Dilly would you like to measure Julies wrist?

BumbleVee said...

feel better soon Dilly!!

Guzzisue said...

nice book Dilly

Julie said...

Oh dear Dilly! I am so sorry that you are not wew. Colds are horrble, speshly for wagons. I hope you soon feel much betta.

I l o v e d your ortobiogriffy! It is my favourite book and I will look after it always. Thank you very much, you are sucha cleva littol wagon.

I hope Bob is bein a good bear and carfterin you and doin lots of tissuisshooin. I will be asking him if he's bein a carfterin bear

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hope you feel better again soon Dilly. I'b got a code too! The book is great and must've taken a lot of finkin to do. Hugs.

Bear Naked said...

Dilly that is a wonderful book.
You and Mummy must have worked very hard on it.
I'm sorry that you are feeling ill.
I just started reading blogs again because I was ill also.

Bear((( )))

Becky said...

Get well soon, Dilly... I've been sick, too. No fun for sure.

I like your biography - stunningly illustrated and a riveting story line, too. Could become a best seller!

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

most excellent book!
i can't wait for part 2!

when you blow our snot, does it put out the fire?

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Mee on mee way Dilly tu mayk u aw bettow! Bee der doon!

A.Bananna said...

oh poor dilly! I am so sorry you do not feel well. Make sure that nice brother of yours makes you a nice warm bowl of soup! it always does the trick!

I love the book. very very good!!

Stanley said...


Sweet Dilly Girl, please take care of yourself. I hope Bob has given you privileges to issue your own tissues while you're sick. And, we all hope you are well again PRONTO!

YOur autobiography looks like it is going to be a multi-volume set. I bet Julie is going to LOVE part one, and won't be able to wait for part two! It's a real page-turner.

Be sure to get a lot of rest and drink lots of fluids. At least if your nose is stuffed up, you won't be able to smell Bob for awhile!

Goober love & healing smooches,

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

dilly! are you still sick??!!! i hope chuck gets there soon to help you feel better!