Friday, 7 November 2008

Dilly hav xsytin day!!!!

Dilly heer nok on dor.
Hoo be?
Be postman!
Dilly open dor.
Postman say, "Be Dilly?"
Dilly say, "Mweah!"
Postman say, "Be for yu!"
MWEAHHH!!!!!!!Be parsol fwom JULIE!!!!!!

Dilly arsk Mummy,
"Help open?"
Mweah, Mummy help...
MWEAH! Mummy be too slow.
Dilly go burrowin...
Box wine???
Julie rite,
"Sorry! No wine in heer!"
Fnarr! Julie mayke joke!
Dilly get in box.
Wat be?
Dilly shuv owt noospayper...Dilly dive in...wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wat be?
Dilly find...
pwesent for Mummy!
(Be Mummy berfday morro!)Dilly tell Mummy,
not lowd open till berfday!
Wat else be?
....awwww card!Awww.... cat!Card say....
...Julie meet fwend on hollyday and think fwend like meet Dilly an come stay... kuriosser an kuriosser........
...also say.... send Mummy pwesent an choklit, an send choklit Hobnobs for Bob so Bob not get jellus!FWend? FWEND?
Owww need vestigayte ferther.....
PINK WIV PINK BOWS!Be luvly bag in side!
WAT BE IN BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be new fwend, NESSIE!!!!Nessie an Dilly inspekt choklits, an lots pink an pwitty arty stuff...
Oooo intrestin!
Be ainchent Wagon teeth????
THANK JULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dilly go play wiv new fwend now!
Dilly like!


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Hi Dilly!

Me mawmaw dez dat mee kan kum dee u doh u kan mayk me bettow wiff yo nuzzin. Mee dohin tu doh bizzut u az doon az mee getz mee pazpowt. Me kan pway wiff u an yo nu fwend.
Dee u doon!

A.Bananna said...

wow that is so cool that you have a new friend! I love the bag!! very pretty!

Bear Naked said...

Aren't you lucky!!
Mummy has a birthday and YOU get a gift of a new friend.
Play nice together now.

Bear((( )))

BumbleVee said...

ooooooh.... what a fun day for Dilly!!!happy birthday to Mummy ......

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday to your mom, Dilly! What a pretty bag and what a lovely new friend you have!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Hey! He's from Scotland, just like my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great (i don't know how many) Grandfather.

Oh! Mummy's birthday is tomorrow? Woo-Hoo.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

wow, dilly, you and your mum are very lucky and believe me...those are AWESOME hob nobs! i loved mine!

have fun with your new friend..hope you get to play with chuck pretty soon!

Stanley said...

Sweet Dilly Girl!

That Julie sure sent you a great package! I LOVE your new friend, Nessie! I bet it will be a blast for you to terrorize Bob now that you have a sidekick to help.

Please give your mummy some big juicy goober smooches from me & Stella for her birthday! We're so glad she was born!

Goober love & more smooches,

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

dilly, you and your long nose is sooo cute!

Stardust said...

Dilly had a good day opening presents! Yay!!! Everything looks so Dilly and meant fer Dilly!

Me like Nessie too, Nessie be boy or girl?

Have a good party wif mummy!

Julie said...

Hewo dilly! I'm glad you enjoyed the parsol and didn't get lost in the noosepayper! Sorry abowt the wine, we're drinkin it slowly! I hope Nessie is behayvin and havin fun too. xx