Sunday, 11 November 2007

Berds like ror scone

Mummy be baykin.
Be maykin scones.
Hav sum gooey stuff left.
Dilly say,
"Hav for berds. Mummy?"

Mummy say "Mweah, Dilly!"
Dilly put on bird-taybol.
Dilly hide in mornin, WATCH!
Lots wagon-berds com eet!

Dilly like!


Dee and Tine said...

You B R favoritestest blogger -- so talented, so skillful, so kind! And you haf yore beary own blog too! We shair an unfinshed website 'bout gardenin' wif R mommies, but this year, R daddies haf let us add R beary own postestes on their blog to tell 'bout R garden dis year and show pictures, We helpeded Grandma post 'bout a Teddy Bear topeairree she made for R garden last summer, and posteded it just today. (We're a bit behind wif all the pictures.) We still think R bestest entry is da one 'bout playing Peek-a-boo in R garden - We think you will like it!

It is so fun to find someone not all stuck up on who is and who isn't a bear, since, like you, our family is a mixed family with bears, doggies, a cat, and a bunny. (No dwagons, but who can compete with your princessship anyway?)

We're also learning how to keep our local birds happy in da winter time, so the dough idea sounds good to us, even if we only have sparrows, starlings and pigeons. Our bwuders made friends with our birds last summer.

It made it beary sad when we losted one of R birdy buddies last winter, so we are learning all we can about how to feed them so they don't starve in winter. Thank you for your edumakation!

Your number one fans -- both of us,
Tine T. and Dee T. Bear
cousins extrordenair

Mousie said...

Dilly my friend, please take some scones with you,stop hiding and ask the bird to take you here...I found a great great great book...
I prepare some nice creamy hot chocolate...
the pigeons are so cute...

A.Bananna said...

dilly that is neat! I have never had scones. how do you make them?? we do not have them here in america.

How is the weather over there??

Anonymous said...

I bet Mummie's scones are the best. Scones are one of my favorite breakfast treats.

Daddy feeds the birds at my house. Suet feeders attract woodpeckers. We once had a parakeet at out feeder. He must have escaped from someone's house. I hope he finds someplace warm for the winter.

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Dat iz uh dood picktow Dilly! Me vewee pwowd ov u tu feed duh budz. Me yike duh dong in Mary Poppins uhbowt feed duh budz!

Dilly said...

Dilly try arnser but blogger play up!
Not let!
Not let Dilly rite stuff!
Not let Dilly blog!
Dilly try gen layter.
See soon!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow! look at orl those birds! I bet Phytheas would like to count them.

Dilly said...

Hewo Dee an TIne!

Dilly like Dee an Tine's blog!
Dilly like flowers!
Dilly not be stuk up on hoo be Bear hoo be not-bear. Silly bear nonsense! MWEAH! Hnnrrrr!!!

Berds like eet mixcher oats an froot an fat in winter. Try! Berds be happy! Mweah!


Dilly said...



Dilly come vizit!


Dilly said...


Wether be bit cold, not lots cold. Still be flowers in garden.
Be sunny, mostly.
Not rain much.
Other day be windy, blow leevs.
Dilly like leevs.
Leevs be pritty cullers now.
GWEEN be pritty culler too!
Dilly not meen gween not be pritty culler!


Dilly said...


Not worry bowt parrakeet.
Lots parrakeet liv London.
Yeers ago, peepol let owt!
Parrakeets say, not worry, we liv owtside now!
Now liv owtside!
Be calld ring-nekt-parrakeets.
Dilly like- be GWEEN!



Dilly said...

MWEAhhhhhhh, Chuck! Dilly think song be sad! Mweahhh..


Meanie the baby dragon said...

Dilly, no dat nawt uh dad dong it hepz tu wemind uz tu feed duh budz! Mawmaw dez wee hav tu tayk kaow ov aw ov Gods kweechowz an duh humunz dat dohnt hav much tu! Me yike mawmaw feewozuhfee!

Dilly said...

MWEAH, Chuck! Dit portant carfter awl cweechers! MWEAH!

San said...

Dilly, we have lots of birds that eat in our yard too. Wish I had one of those scones.