Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dilly meet George an George like skarf!!!

Dilly, Mummy an Bob go London, meet Beanie, Tango Bear an ....


Mummy ferget tayke camra (NORTY Mummy)
Beanie tell Dilly,
not worry,
borro Beanie fotoes sted.

Aww THANK Beanie!

Heer be foto Dilly giv George skarf.
George reed tag.

Heer be foto George ware skarf.
George like!
Be jus rite size!

Awww heer be foto Dilly say goodby George.
Bug hug byyyyyyyeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hav luvly time in London!
Go shopping,
go on big red bus,
go eat.

If want see lots lots mor, pleez vizit Beanie blog.
Beanie haff lots fotoes!

Bye for now!!


Jerry and Ben said...

Wonderful photos Dilly! Did you buy any new dresses in London? Isn't Beanie nice! She's the nicest mouse we know!

Beanie Mouse said...

George was SOOOOO happy he met you, you know!!! Very happy indeed!

Raquel said...

Nice pics!
Happy Halloween :))

Feronia said...

What a great day, Dilly! George looks tops in his scarf!

Hammie Hamster said...

So nice to know that you had a nice day together!!!!