Tuesday, 19 July 2011


THANK for taykin part in Dilly syentiffik reesertch!

Heew be result ov poll:

If win lottery, wat spend munny on?
arnser 1-
luvly noo wibbons, pink sessy dwesses, pink marshmallows for tea = BIG 2
arnser 2-
Lots pants, pants an mor pants, an choklit peanuts (brown) = LITTOL 2

Congratlayshuns! -Most peepol get rite arnser.

Dilly set up noo poll.

KWESTCHUN: wat prefer hav land on nee?
ARNSER 1: luvly pink pritty flutterby all luvly an pwinsessy?
ARNSER 2:   brown hairy itchy moth, lots ov hairy legs an brown?

Pleez chooz arnser from poll at top rite hand ov blog!!!

Thank for support ov Dilly portent syentiffik reesertch!



Molly the Airedale said...

That was an easy one, Dilly!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I like your poll. It is very easy.
Sally Ann

Asta said...

Hewo Dilly
That was what they call a "no bwainew" hehehehe..who wouldn't want to be all bootiful
I love you and hope you have a pink and fwilly day full of love
smoochie kisses
pee ess pleez give Bob my smoochies even if he doesn't want that giwly stuff, hehehe

Feronia said...

Definitely answer 1, Dilly. And moths are kinda itchy aren't they!!

Raquel said...

Answer 1 of course :)

Daisy said...

Yes this was an easy one for me, too! I am FOR pretty pink butterfly!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I think your polls are clever and nice and easy to do.. Hugs Dilly GJ xx

Julie said...

oops! I forgot to vote! Silly Jewlie :-) I go back and vote for flutery buterflies all pwincessy of corse! I like flutterbyes!

Jerry and Ben said...

Hi Dilly! We think the butterfly is a better idea, but a nice cute honey bee would be nice too, because honey bees help make honey!

Willow said...

~tickles Dilly~

Hammie Hamster said...

answer number 1 for me please!