Friday, 12 February 2010

Dilly hav uther award! Huwayy!

Dilly reseev Sweet Fwend Award for bein a sweet fwend. Fnarr!
Heer be:

Aww be nice,
be pink!
Dilly like!
Award be from Woodstock.


Heer be Woodstock:

Woodstock be Bear,
but be Bear ov hi kaliber.
Dilly not meet Woodstock,
but Dilly suspekt Woodstock probly hav baths.

Leest sumtime.
OK leest 2 time.

Enyway suspekt not smell like Bob.

Or if do,
suspekt not boast bowt bodily smells like Bob.


Now Dilly hav say list things mayke Dilly happy,
an Dilly hav do wun today.

  • 1: Fwends- fwends Dilly hav met an huggd: like Julie an Chuck Fwends, an fwends. Dilly not meet an huggd but kno on blogs
  • uther: Rok mewsik (Dilly be rok chik).
  • uther: Bows an ribbons (kollektin ov, sortin ov, warin ov).
  • uther: Tommy Lee Jones.
  • uther: Sparkly things, like Crismoss Lites an Seekwins.
  • uther: Pink an gween.
  • uther: CSI. (Dilly sing along Hoo mewsik an like Rayshio).(Dilly goin watch CSI today an do air gitar to Hoo. Mweah.)
  • uther: Gliding.
  • uther: Carsols, an viziting wagons living in carsols.
  • 2: Fairy caykes an angel cayke an Battenburg cayke. (Be pwinsessy caykes.)
Now ment parss on to 2 uther fwends.........
Dilly not like hav pik!
Dilly not do!
Carnt mayke Dilly do!
Carnt mayke!
If be fwend, pleez tayke award from Dilly.
Dilly do own rools.


Marlowe said...

What kind of rock music do you like?

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Go Dilly Go, what a good princessy dragon you are.
Sally Ann

Asta said...

I had no idea You wewe a wockew chick..but IO guess pwinsesses can be whatevew they want. I hope you get loads of Pwinsessy caykes to clebwate youw awawd
smoochie kisses

Feronia said...

Fewonia not kno Dilly be rok chik. How bout utube clip of Dilly doing sum rok moves (air guitar)? ;-)

Beanie Mouse said...

You forgot to get Pink Award from My Blog!!! It's underneath all the postings of the ATC card things...

Julie said...

Well done Dilly for your warde. Dilly be good mayke own rools!

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations on your award, Dilly! We think Woodstock is a handsome bear and we bet he smells good!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BumbleVee said...

Dilly, you are indeed a sweet friend and you so deserve this one.... . I wish all the awards were just fun to post and not so demanding of us... good for you making your own rools...

where are awards that are just for strings attached....