Friday, 15 May 2009

New gayme!

Dilly hav kwestchun,
start new tag type thing,
be new gayme!
Wat be on fridge dor?

Heer be wat be on Dilly's fridge dor:Dilly fridge dor hav: drorins, magnits, notebook for shoppin lists, postcards.

Put foto on blog!
Show wat be on fridge dor!
Tell Dilly in comments wen dun,
Dilly com see!



Asta said...

'''hewo Dilly
That's a luvly fwiedge doow you have. I'll twy to post mine fow you, but not suwe if I can get mommi to do it.
You awe so wight. sometimes boyz awe thick, but I love em mostly anyway, hehehe
You'we looking specially luvly . Hope you have a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses

BumbleVee said...

well, mine would be pretty boring Dilly...especially if it was just a pic of the doorfroont. Their is not a thing on it. It is not metal and so magnets don't stick to it.

It is an insert that matches my cupboard doors... made of wood... and painted ..white...

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

okay...i will do this a little later...

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

okay, it's posted!

Stardust said...

CRY! Nuthing on de fwiedge doow!!! AHHHH!