Monday, 2 March 2009

Spring be in Dilly's garden agen!

Dilly be sad lots days,
arfter Chuck go way.

Dilly be thinkin bowt Chuck gen.
Dilly do long syyyye.

Mummy say,
thare thare Dilly,
look owt windo!
Dilly say Mweeahh?
Go look...
Dilly be not shor wat Mummy tolk bowt.
Dilly do OWTSIDE look...Oooohhh.......
Flowers com bak!Heather!
(Pink heather be best!)
Daffodillys ownly be leevs so far an ..... oh!!
Nuther crocus be hidin rownd corner!
Spring be in garden!
plarnt on dorstep not kno be Spring...Layter,
Mummy sho Dilly pwesent.
Mummy by for fwend in Merryka.
Fwend be calld Beth.
Be sparkly!
Be big sparkly cristol!!!

Dilly arsk if Beth liv neer Chuck.
Mummy say,
Norrr, Chuck liv Wyoming.
Beth liv Maine.

(Dilly chek in map book.
Maine be up top rite corner.
Wyoming be left middol.)

Mummy arsk Dilly rap pwesent.
Dilly think,
rap wiv payper,
or rap wiv teerial?Dilly chooz teerial!

bow or not bow?MWEAHH!
(Dilly ownly teezin! Fnarr!)

Dilly help Mummy mayke card, too:Hmmmm.
Mummy say,
do crarfty things, Dilly.
Go garden, Dilly.
Garden things and crarfty things mayke feel better.

Dilly think Mummy rite.
Do mayke Dilly be better inside.

But still miss Chuck.
Hope Chuck be bak wiv Mawmaw soon.
Dilly want see Chuck on blog soon.


Julie said...

Ooh Dilly, what a lot of lovely flowers. You look very pretty in the heather!

Beth's present looks lovely in its material wrapping and lovely bow. It's a good idea to use material for presents. The Japanese do it all the time.

Thank you for coming to see me on my blog :o) I'm sorry you are still missing Chuck. He will be home soon and then you can see him in blogland again. :o) I bet he's missing you too!

Molly the Airedale said...

Your flowers are so pretty, Dilly! Mom has been so anxious to see snowdrops and yesterday we got 10" of snow dumped on us! Mitch and I are thrilled but not mom!
We love Beth's package wrapped in fabric! It's just lovely!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

Your mama is so wise and understands your dragon girl heart so well. Your flowers are so very bootiful (like the dragony girl who lives there... that's YOU), and the present for Beth is gorgeous and VERY princessy.

I'm sure that Chuck is thinking of you as much as you're thinking of him. Maybe you'll get to go to the States to visit him sometime.

Goober love & smooches,

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

ahhh i still think you should go to wyoming and see chuck for a while!

and you are soooo lucky to have your flowers up and blooming! you are almost 2 months ahead of us on that!

love your princessy gift!

Celebration of Life said...

Chuck hasn't arrived home yet but I will make sure that he lets you know when he does. I am sure he misses you also!

BumbleVee said...

I'll just have to spend time over here looking at your garden Dilly...mine is still covered with snow... even tho' the past two days it is melting a bit.....
However... by Saturday it will be darn cold yet again...plunging to -23C.... brrrrr..... come to think on it...maybe I need to find a Mexico blog....

DILLY said...

Hewo Julie!!!!

Mweah! If Dilly com stay wiv Julie, Dilly can go travlin wiv Julie under Julie's hat!!!! Fnarr!!!!

Dilly think rappin presents in teerial be softer an mor skwoshy.


DILLY said...

Hewo Maggie an Mitch!

If Dilly com vizit Maggie an Mitch, abol ride rownd on baks!!!

Got sno???

Dilly like sno.
Laydy on telly say Dilly get sno this week but Dilly prfer not, not want skwosh ickol flowers.


DILLY said...


Dilly think lots bowt vizit Chuck.
Dilly dreem bowt do tour ov Merryka,
vizit awl blog fwends.

But Dilly miss Mummy.

(Send smelly Bears insted?)


Stanley goobersmoches mayke Dilly go pink.


DILLY said...

Ms Cweek,

Dilly WANT go vizit, but Dilly miss Mummy. Dilly miss Daddy too. An Dilly be frayd dark. Be dark in parsols.

Wat do?



DILLY said...

Hewo Chuck Mawmaw,

Dilly be sooooo scared.
Hope Chuck not be lost!
Be lost?????


Dilly go lie down gen.

DILLY said...


How be so cold?
Be eevn colder than freezer in kitchen.
Heer be Mexico blog,

Mummy vizit sumtime. Laydy go on boat in Mexico, blog bowt.


Anonymous said...


Keeping yourself busy will make you feel a little happier. But... I know you will be really, really happy when Chuck posts upon his return to Maw Maw's.

Joe Stains said...

Glad the flowers made you feel a little better Dilly!!!

Stardust said...

Oh Dilly, flowers!! Flowers make me cry. =*)

DILLY said...


Bog off!!

NOT leev stoopit spam.

Dilly jus spend awl arfnoon dleetin spam!!!
Be silly smelly nonsense.
Wow-xu be boy?
Be Bear?
Dilly bet.

NOT welcom on Dilly Blog!
Dilly Blog be for stuff Dilly like.

Go way.
If come bak, Dilly get poynty stik.


Bog off.



imac said...

Beautiful flowers Dilly.

Come visit Uncle Zak.

(DH to Julie)