Thursday, 11 December 2008

Chuck go Gwanny's howse!

At weekend Dilly an Bob tayke Chuck meet Gwanny an Gwandad.
Bob post bowt vizit Gwandad howse.
Dilly post bowt vizit Gwanny howse.

Chuck be bit scared Scooter-cat.
Scooter-cat be big.
Be too big for cat collar.
Be too big for catflap.
Gwanny haff get BIGGER flap,
be DOGflap.
Heer be Scooter-cat:
by fayvrit playce,
by fire.
Dilly say,
not worry Chuck!
Scooter-cat not be arfter wagons!
Scooter-cat hav own cuddly:

Next Chuck see Miss Fluffy.
Miss Fluffy like wagons.
Miss Fluffy be kind an pwinsessy.

Chuck be brayve.
Chuck go say
"Hewo Mish Fwuffwy!"
Miss Fluffy giv Chuck kiss!

Next Dilly show Chuck Gwanny's wagon den!ALL wagon's welkum at Gwanny's howse!Huwayy for Gwanny!

Chuck say,
if Gwanny be nice,
Gwanny biskits be nice too?
Want share Gwanny biskit.
Gwanny haff eet kwik!
Eet kwik!
Chuck come pinch!
Fnarr!!!!Next Dilly intdewss Chuck an Soopy.Soopy be soop-wagon.
Likes soop,
maykes soop,
eets soop,
dweems soop,
luvs soop,
ownly torlk bowt soop.

Get on nerves bit sumtimes.

But still be wagon.
Daddy say,
be Speshol Needs Wagon.

Chuck think Soopy look like relativ!!!
Hav simlar leg departmont!
Chuck be joyin meet new fwends!
Chuck an Dilly gree,
Wagons an wagonny peepol be best!


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Wow, Dilly! Three wagonnee friends sitting in a row. I know Chuck is having lots of fun making new friends including Cola and Scooter! I am so glad that Chuck faced his fears and allowed Scooter to kiss him! Chuck's favorite color is green so he will really enjoy Ireland! Tell Chuck to bring me home a shamrock from Ireland as a souvinor.

Chuck may stay with you and visit for as long as you want him to.

Love to you all!
Chuck's Mom

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

WOW! Chuck usually GROWLS at naughty kitties! that's so cute the princessy kitty gave him a kiss!

and LMFAO about the special needs dragon!

looks like he is having the time of his life!

Julie said...

Miss Fluffy is gorgeous not-a-wagon. Chuck is very lucky to get big kiss from her! I love your big pink bow, it's very pwincessy.

Is Chuck all better now? I can't see any plasters anymore?

Stanley said...

Dilly Girl!

You are giving Chuck all kinds of adventures and new experiences! I love how Ms Fluffy loved on Chuck like they were old friends, and then when Chuck tried to nick your granny's biscuit, how you were right there snuggling her while she ate! Stella & I both would love to have a Dilly Snuggle like that sometime!

How long does Chuck get to stay with you? Is the rumor true that you might take him to Ireland?

Goober love & smooches,

Celebration of Life said...

Soopy looks cute! Glad you are all having fun and having good visits! Chuck will love Ireland!

A.Bananna said...

WOW! you are such a great friend! chuck gets to meet all kinds of friends!! keep your eye on him!! he is really naughty when you are not watching him!!!