Saturday, 12 May 2007

Sleeping Bag

Been cold larst 2 days.
Dilly sleep in furry sleeping bag.
Dilly got for berfday larst month. Warm, fluffy, PINK!
Pink be pwinsessy!
All snuggly.
Mweah! Dilly like!


Frog said...

Glad to know you.
Have a great time.

Dilly said...

Hewooo Fwog! Dilly like Fwog. Fwog gweeeeeen.

Anonymous said...

Dilly looks pretty in pink.

Meanie the baby dragon said...

me yikez yo sweepin bag! me favwit kolow iz gween an poopow beecuz 3 gween 3z equow 1 poopow 9

Phytheas said...

Oooh I like your sleeping bag (even if it is PINK). As a traveling bear I think I should have one too.


margaret said...

You look very snug!